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Developing a Central Canine Centre of Excellence would solve many issues. It will serve as a hub for individuals and charities in need of assistance dogs. This space will serve as a sanctuary where dogs are nurtured, trained, and paired with individuals with disabilities, creating life-changing partnerships. We believe that reoffending will be reduced and that the centre will fulfil the critical indicators of reoffending behaviours.

1. Accommodation and support:

Having accommodation and appropriate support helps offenders lead more stable lives and thus feel part of a community where they have a standing in society and an alternative social identity to one of criminality. Industry professionals can help support the person’s new business start-up.

2. Employment & Education:

Continued purposeful activity with a sense of pride and social identity. Self-employment training and development with an opportunity to run classes on-site and develop coaching and people skills required for running a dog training business. We are producing assistance dogs for people in need and completing any outstanding education pathways.

3. They are addressing Addiction:

Within the accommodation and training opportunities, engagement with a substance misuse program will be obligatory where those with a history of substance abuse are enrolled. Mandatory Drug Tests will form part of the behavioural contract to work with the dogs on-site.

4. Family & Social Support:

Creating a cooperative, cohesive work group with the same goals will help the individual develop an identity. Families will be encouraged to attend events such as graduation days for the person and their dogs. 

5. Life skills and offending Behaviour:

Dog training demands an understanding of behaviour. It creates a sense of empathy and the ability to understand the emotional drivers that create and maintain behaviour. Teaching members of the public in training classes creates confidence in the knowledge and improves communication skills. Training assistance dogs for a person with specific needs also enhances compassion and tolerance. 

6. Health (physical and mental):

Working with animals has undisputed therapeutic benefits, a sense of achievement, and shared community goals. 

7. Financial Management:

Each participant will be required to keep accounts and raise invoices as a part of their business development and small business skills. Budgeting their allowance will be part of the learning/life skills experience.

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